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1. On arrival clients are kept to show a valid document for registration, to take immediate vision of the present Rule and to undersign the contract.

2. Guests are admitted only with the authorization of the Director. The admitted ones has to show a valid document and pay the daily fee if they stay longer than one hour.

3. The Director reserves the right not to accept the undesirable campers or those in excess at his discretion.

4. The times of reception and other facilities are on display on the door at reception.

5. The campers have to vacate the site by 12 o'clock of the departure day and the bungalow by 10 o’clock. If they wish to stay longer, they are obliged to ask the permission and to pay for another day.

6. The Director decides the campsite or the bungalow in the camping and clients should respect it. In high season cars should be parked in the car-park. They are allowed near tents only to load or to unload baggage.

7. From 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. and from 2 P.M to 4 P.M the circulation of cars and motorcycles are strictly forbidden and in these times we ask you to respect the quiet. During these times clients will have to leave the car in the parking. Owners of the houses above the campground are asked to maintain the speed limit and keep noise to a minimum as not to disturb the campers.

8. On the campsite the speed limit is 10/km.

9. Music with various instruments, radios, howls, yells and songs are strictly forbidden.

10. Motorcycles and bicycles cannot circulate from 9 P.M. to 7 A.M.. Parents should enforce this Rule for their children. Parents are liable for their actions and will have to compensate for any damage caused by their children.

11. The instruments that produce sounds have to be always kept at low volume and in the hours of silence they will not be allowed. Anyone who violates this Rule will be asked you to leave.

12. The Director is not responsible for theft or loss of clients' objects, for physical or material damages and accidents. He’s responsible only for those things delivered and accepted by him.

13. It’s forbidden to damage vegetation and camping equipment, to dig pits around the curtains, to pour out hot and salad liquid or rubbish on the ground, to light fires out of allowed sites. You can use the barbecue, but the smoke should not disturb the neighbourhood or damage the ground.

14. The use of equipments and swimming-pools will be at owners risk.

15. There is another list of rules for the swimming-pool found at reception and at the pool. It’s your responsibility to read them.

16. Papers and rubbish should be thrown into the dustbin in the car park.

17. Linen, dishes, pottery and fish must have been washed only in the special sinks situated in every site.

18. Youths under 16 are allowed only with parents. Parents are liable for the actions of their children. They have to accompany them to the camping equipment. The Director declines every responsibility.

19. The correspondence has to be withdraw by adults from the reception. After 7 days the Director will send it back. It's possible to receive only urgent telephone calls.

20. Every infectious illness must immediately be declared to the Director. The Director will provide a call to the hospital and apply necessary rules. He’s not responsible for illnesses contracted by campers during the holiday. Little dogs are admitted but they must be on a leash, to have sanitary book and to be controlled.

21. Electricity is allowed only for lighting and refrigerators, not more than 500 watt and it must be efficient and have grounding. The client will be responsible for any damage caused by his own device.

22. Entering ATLANTIDE Campsite, people are obliged to accept and to observe the present Rule that can be integrated from additional norms. The Director should apply police and italian laws (C.C. and C.P.). In every case the norms of civil and democratic living are worth. Employers are authorized to make respect these Rule and to signal to the Direction who never doesn't respect them. They will be asked to leave the Camping.
We are pleased to have you as our guest, we wish you will enjoy your time with us.